Awards and Recognitions

Authorized as an IB World School 2010

Magnet School status granted by Anderson Five Board of Trustees 2010 

State Report Card Rating of Excellence 2002, 2003, 2004,2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Palmetto Silver for Closing the Achievement Gap 2009

South Carolina Exemplary Writing Award 2004 

The South Carolina Exemplary Writing Program is sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education and governed by the Writing Improvement Coordinating Council. The award is based on an extensive evaluation of instructional programs, with a particular emphasis on the teaching of writing.

Palmetto’s Finest 2003

Each spring since 1978, SCASA has recognized a few schools which offer excellent instruction and outstanding leaders, augmented by strong family and community involvement and a supportive business community. The selection process includes a comprehensive review of a school's program, focusing on the key question: "What impact is this school making on the lives of students and the community, and is it deserving of the Carolina First Palmetto's Finest Award?"

Red Carpet School 2003,2007

Red Carpet School does an outstanding job of creating a family-friendly school environment and providing excellent customer service, according to the State Department of Education. Applicants prepare a written application that details their family-friendly philosophies and environments, along with the methods used to self-evaluate those efforts. They are also required to include copies of their schools' communication plans. Schools are judged on a variety of factors, including the exterior and interior appearance of the campus, the way people were treated in person and over the telephone, and the information and programs available for families and visitors.

Flagship of Schools of Promise 1998, 2003, 2006

Anderson School District Five is a Flagship School of Promise District. A district reaches the Flagship Stats after certifying through applications to SCASA. Each school in the distrait is a Flagship Status School and each school has signed the Schools of Promise pledge, established their school-community collaborative process, had their diverse community team in place, set specific measurable goals, showed evidence of their commitment by providing at least three fundamental resources, and have a brief written plan for developing those resources that remain unmet. Our schools offer our students the five fundamental resources: A marketable skill, a relationship with a caring adult, a healthy start, a safe place to be, and opportunities to give back to the community.

Palmetto Gold 2001-2016

The Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program was established by the Education Accountability Act of 1998. As an important part of the education accountability system in South Carolina, the Awards program is designed to recognize and rewar“schools
for attaining high levels of absolute performance and schools for attaining high rates of improvement.” The criteria and procedures established for the Palmetto Gold & Silver Awards Program reflect a fundamental belief that all schools, regardless of their socioeconomic status and geographic location, can improve toward high academic standards and excellence and that all children can learn at high levels. Schools will be recognized not only for high levels of student academic achievement, but also for efforts that result in exemplary improvement.

"Excellent" Overall Raing 2017-2018 School performance substantially exceeds the criteria to ensure all students meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.

“The SC Education Oversight Committee, the SC Department of Education, and other key stakeholders (educators, parents, business leaders and others), developed an accountability system that informs the public of the status of public schools.”

 “The South Carolina School Report Cards provide information to entire communities –– about school performance and the conditions of schools in South Carolina.”